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Welcome to the website of the resort FISH BAR PiK, WACŁAW'S FISH PONDS located in Folusz



Fish bar and fishery FISH BAR PiK WACŁAW'S FISH PONDS is located in Folusz, near the foot of the picturesque Jaslo Magura Wątkowska mountain chain. It's situated  among the forests with the picturesque green grass ponds, where you can find plenty of fish species of carp and trout, each of which can get on your plate either caught with the fishing rod by oneself or ordered at the counter..



Fish Bar of carp and trout fishery is located in the resort of  FISH BAR PiK WACŁAW'S FISH PONDS. Our specialities are fresh fish: carp and trout both fried and smoked. Fish and other dishes are offered with: fries, fresh salads, chilled beer and a wide range of cold and hot drinks. We smoke the fish in a natural way using wood of fruit trees. Our smoked fish is not massive, sterile production, but true tasty smoked fish! The staff of our restaurant makes every effort to ensure the highest quality services. We provide professional service, we offer advice and assistance in selecting courses.

FISH BAR PiK WACŁAW'S FISH PONDS is the perfect venue with both indoor and outdoor tables, we also offer large and safe parking. Our fish ponds are ideal place where anyone can use our a fishing equipment to catch fish in person. Our resort is perfect not only for fishing lovers but also for all those tired of urban lifestyle, seeking rest in close proximity to nature ... At our place you will experience the feast of the palate....

Those of you who want a longer stay, we offer comfortable accommodation in a house located on the grounds of the FISH BAR PiK WACŁAW'S FISH PONDS

FISH BAR PiK WACŁAW'S FISH PONDS is opened each day, from 10.00 am to 8.00pm.
Please do familiarize yourself with our offer. We will be happy to host you at FISH BAR PiK WACŁAW'S FISH PONDS.
At the bar, and the fishery, there is free access to wireless Internet via WiFi HotSpot technology 82.11.


12 Sierpień 2020    |    Imieniny: Klara, Lech, Julian

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He is my delicacy!

Smoked carp - 53.8%
Smoked mackerel - 7.7%
Smoked trout - 15.4%
I don't like fish! - 23.1%

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