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 Jasło Region Jasielski

About our Object


Our resort was created with the infatuation of an extraordinary place Folusz, its unique beauty and fascination of a wide area of ??fish farming..


Today our resort is the breeding ponds and fishery of carp and trout species. Our restaurant offers all kinds of fish dishes: from fried, in aspic, prepared by steaming the freshly smoked in our smokehouse fish.


It all started in the 80s when Wacław, the founder of our resort, dug the first fish pond and bred his first trout. Through trial and error Wacław gained experience and in the early 90s he still trained to be expert on fish farms and in time become a master of all the ways of serving fish. In the 90's Wacław opened FISH BAR PiK (trout and carp Bar) - today to commemorate the founder of our resort we expanded the name to FISH BAR PiK WACŁAW'S FISH PONDS..


Year after year adapting to the needs of YOU-OUR CLIENTS, we have achieved perfection. We invite you to our resort so we can share with you the bliss of the local climate, and prepare for you special fish dishes.


FEAST OF THE PALATE ...- that is the name that our customers call our culinary offer..

We offer an active way to spend time:

Children can play on the attractive playground, for adults and children under parents' supervision we offer fishing of trout and carp. We provide equipment for catching fish and friendly service, which is designed to help both beginners and seasoned anglers, if necessary.


COME- TRY - We guarantee you will return!

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