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 Jasło Region Jasielski

History Object


The history of this place had its beginning with the arrival of Dr. Tadeusz Dygdoń and his wife Christine. Dr. Dygdoń who became the director of the sanatorium antituberculosis (now DPS), was so impressed by the bliss of Folusz that without a second thought decided to buy the land on which the house was built and the first two fish ponds were dug. The first fish that he had bred and grown himself were the treat for friends and acquaintances.


In 1979 the farm was taken over by Dr. Dygdoń’s daughter Elizabeth and her husband Wacław Grydyk. Driven by great passion and fierceness Wacław quickly took over after his father-in-law and started digging (by hand) next ponds and grow more fish. In 1990 he opened the  FISH BAR PiK (trout and carp Bar)- our restaurant, first in the area, and released fish ponds for fishing enthusiasts to enjoy the revelation of the place.


In a short time the place has gained recognition by very many and still enjoys great popularity.





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