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 Jasło Region Jasielski

Our Offer

We offer:

The only rule in our restaurant is ; ' fresh fish', it is also possible to eat fish caught in person.

Traditionally fried trout - fried in shallow oil, seasoned with a special formulation of herbs, fried long enough at high temperature


Trout grilled with garlic butter - as traditionally prepared, which at the end of cooking add the hand-composed mixture of butter and garlic, which gives the fish a unique aroma and flavor




Fried trout with almonds - as traditionally prepared, which at the end of cooking add butter roasted almonds.



Steamed Trout with vegetables - delicate steamed fish with vegetables in an aromatic broth .



Smoked trout - previously marinaded fish are smoked for 7 hours in the cold smoke obtained from appropriately selected composition of wood from deciduous and fruit trees


Trout in aspic - prepared from meat without bones  in fish-vegetables broth, served in small portions.



Marinated Trout - Fish fillet stewed with vegetables, dressed with tomato marinade,  perfect as appetizer and snack.


Raw trout - always fresh, professionally gutted (take away to prepare yourself at home )



Fried carp - our carp is the best



Sets of salads - o choose from and of colour




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